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The Warmth Of Christmas

Nutty Surprise

A smooth flavorful toasty nutty latte finished with a touch of cinnamon spice.

Chocolate Joy

A chocolate candied raspberry drink with a touch of toasted almond flavor blended with ice and milk. Topped with whipped cream, raspberry drizzle, red velvet crumble and chocolate curls.

Peppermint Snow

A refreshing mocha with a touch of spearmint flavor and chocolate chip. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate shave and red velvet crumble.

White Christmas

Raspberry and white cream cheese layered between a light fluffy vanilla sponge cake.

Sweet Reindeer

Caramel mousse and chocolate deliciousness that’ll make Rudolph fly.

Assorted Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas cookie with ginger flavor.

Promo Duration

9 November to 31 December 2020