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Our Roastmaster

October 17, 2017

Introducing our secret weapon in the unending coffee wars: our Roastmaster Rozman Haron. The man’s obsessed with all things coffee, from the beans to the brew, and that’s just the way we like him.

How did you get into coffee roasting?

After 4 years at SFCC as a barista and outlet manager, I could see how people love our coffee and decided that I wanted to be more involved. I think roasting is one of the most important parts of what we do and thought I could contribute. That opportunity came along when our roastmaster was looking for an apprentice to eventually succeed her. That was nearly a decade ago.

What has been the best part of being a part of the SFCC family, even after so long?

The best part is also the most obvious part: the coffee. It has always been the coffee, and we deliver only the very best. Add our close-knit management team and staff to that, and it’s no wonder why I’m still here.

What is your favourite SFCC coffee and why?

Black, origin coffee. I believe that great coffee does not need anything added to it. It stands on its own and will deliver all the nuances of flavor, aroma, body and taste that I enjoy. I also enjoy exploring the unique characteristics of the wide variety of specialty coffee origins, sourced from around the world.

What makes roasting coffee so special?

Roasting for SFCC is a combination of art and science, especially when we want to determine the roasting degree for each individual origin coffee, or when we are creating a new blend. A roastmaster has to understand the coffee, their roasting machine and the science behind the roasting process. That understanding is something you continually learn. Each coffee is unique and is further influenced by how it is roasted, then eventually made into the drink we all know and love.


What helps keep your passion for coffee alive?

Coffee is an agricultural product and each year crops are different. We have to continuously explore and be at our best to choose the right green beans. The fine art of making the right